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The Best Group Exercise in Lake Stevens!

Our Lake Stevens gym is proud of the many different types of group classes we offer. We’ve designed our schedule so that there are classes for every fitness level and exercise preference. You’re sure to find your favorite!

Whether you get pumped by the pulse-pounding workouts like cycling or your enjoy the calming nature of yoga, we have something for everyone, including fitness classes for seniors.

cycling group fitness classes at a gym in lake stevens


Prepare to experience the exhilarating thrill of a group ride in our Lake Stevens fitness center! Our energetic, music-driven group cycling classes provide an incredible cardio workout that enhances both your power and endurance – making it the perfect option for fitness lovers of all abilities!


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Dive into a Zumba group fitness class and transform your workout into an energetic dance celebration! This dynamic, high-octane class merges Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow moves to offer an effective cardio and toning session that feels more like a fiesta than a fitness routine!

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Senior Fitness

Group exercise for seniors at our health club in Lake Stevens are tailored to boost strength, flexibility, balance, and overall wellness in a supportive and fun environment. These gentle, low-impact sessions are specifically modified for older adults, ensuring you retain energy, vitality, and good health.

the best yoga classes near me lake stevens pursuit fitness gym

Vinyasa Flow

Joining a yoga class provides a soothing blend of poses and breathing that encourages overall stability, suppleness, and power. This meditative practice not only challenges your physical limits but also enhances mindfulness, leaving you feeling serene and rejuvenated.

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