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Functional Training at Lake Stevens Gym

Functional training is tailored to help you carry out daily activities without stress or strain, tasks such as carrying groceries, lifting a toddler, unloading pallets, or stacking crates. Rather than focusing on the amount of weight you can manage on gym equipment, the primary objective of functional training is to equip your body for real-life duties.

Functional training at our gym in Lake Stevens focuses on improving balance, strength, flexibility, and stability, involving various muscle groups. Workout in our functional/turf area with equipment like TRX, sleds, kettlebells, slam balls, wall balls, ski ergs, assault bikes, rowers, ropes, and more!

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Functional Training


Functional training brings numerous benefits that go beyond the gym and into your daily life. By focusing on balance, strength, flexibility, and stability, it reduces the risk of injury and improves your posture. Training multiple muscle groups simultaneously not only boosts your overall fitness but also promotes better coordination and body awareness.

Plus, functional training increases your metabolic rate, which aids weight management. And because these exercises mimic everyday movements, they’re engaging, enjoyable, and never boring!

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