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About Our Lake Stevens Gym

Mission and Vision

Pursuit Fitness is a family owned and operated gym, dedicated to enhancing the health and vitality of our community.

We pride ourselves on putting our members first and their progress is our ultimate goal. Our Lake Stevens gym is devoted to delivering exceptional customer service and long-term fitness results.

Our gym features a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, thanks to our team of fitness experts who not only have a passion for health, but also genuinely care for the people they serve. Our mission is to provide all gym-goers with the tools they need to embark on a healthier lifestyle journey, all within a warm, family-friendly atmosphere.

About the Owners

My wife Madalyn and I met while working together at a local gym in Seattle, WA!  We married in 2016 and we now have two children together, Jaime and Grayson.

Madalyn was born and raised in Monroe, WA.  and is the owner of two barbershops, Redd’s Men’s Cuts in Duvall, WA and Lake Stevens, WA. 

I am a former Firefighter and Personal Trainer from Arizona. I relocated to Washington in 2010 to pursue my dream of owning and operating my own gym/fitness center one day. 

I have been active in sports and fitness since I was a child. I remember picking up my first weight when I was 12 years old. My dad had a small weight set in the garage and I would jump in and workout with him every chance I got. Once he showed me the proper way to lift, I fell in love with it immediately and have continued to make it a habit in my life ever since!

I started as a Personal Trainer in a fitness facility in 2008 not really knowing what I was doing from a professional standpoint. I was lucky enough to start with a great company in AZ called Pure Fitness. There I learned exactly what it meant to be a personal trainer and to be responsible for helping others to pursue the best version of themselves through physical fitness.

family owned gym in lake stevens fitness and wellness center

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Pursuit Fitness focuses on overall health and wellness through consistent exercise, proper nutrition, and mind/body rest and recovery.


Our fitness center in Lake Stevens provides results-driven services such as tailored personal training, body composition testing, and nutritional consultation.


Energize your exercise, shed those calories, and attain peak fitness as you understand the significance of complementing your workouts with proper nutrition.


Our health club in Lake Stevens offers amenities that foster mind/body balance, harmony, and health.

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