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Boost Your Power

Build Lean Muscle

Strength Training at Lake Stevens Gym

Ready to super charge your routine? Add strength training! More than “bulking up,” strength training develops lean muscle, promotes calorie burn, and boosts endurance.

Our gym in Lake Stevens is packed with all the equipment you need to pump up your workout. We have EZ curl bars and straight bars, great for working out your biceps and triceps. If you want to build up your leg strength, we’ve got squat racks and leg press machines ready for you.

But there’s more! For those who are serious about weightlifting, we’ve got Smith machines and deadlift platforms. And if you’re after a workout that uses every muscle, our Life Fitness multi-stations are perfect. And don’t miss out on our Hammer Strength plate-loaded machines!

strength training amenities in lake stevens gym
best weight lifting amenities at fitness center in lake stevens

Strength and Resistance Training


Strength training, also known as resistance training, is like a hidden treasure for your health and fitness. It helps you build lean muscle, which is a great boost to your metabolism. This means you’ll keep burning calories, even when you’re at rest.

But that’s not all. Strength training also acts like a guard for your bones, helping to ward off conditions like osteoporosis. It’s a major plus for your balance and coordination, making everyday tasks easier to accomplish.

So whether you’re lifting weights or training with a resistance machine, adding some strength training to your routine can have a great impact.

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