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Group Fitness

The Best Group Classes in Lake Stevens!

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Group Exercise

The Power of Group Fitness at Our Lake Stevens Gym

Pursuit Fitness in Lake Stevens offers a great schedule of group fitness classes, all designed to suit members of every age and fitness level.

From the serene yet powerful practice of yoga, the lively dance steps of Zumba, and the cardio strengthening of cycling — to the low-impact but effective senior fitness workouts we provide– there’s a class for every interest and ability.

Explore our group class schedule and join us. Let’s get moving together!

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Pursuit Fitness focuses on overall health and wellness through consistent exercise, proper nutrition, and mind/body rest and recovery.


Our fitness center in Lake Stevens provides results-driven services such as tailored personal training, body composition testing, and nutritional consultation.


Energize your exercise, shed those calories, and attain peak fitness as you understand the significance of complementing your workouts with proper nutrition.


Our health club in Lake Stevens offers amenities that foster mind/body balance, harmony, and health.