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Personal training at our health club in Arlington is like having a fitness best friend who’s always got your back. Our trainers are not just fitness experts, but they’re also passionate about what they do. They take the time to understand fitness goals and create a personalized plan that fits lifestyle and preferences. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie who’s never lifted a weight or a seasoned gym-goer looking for a new challenge, our trainers are there to guide, motivate, and push you towards your goals.

What sets our trainers apart is their dedication to making your workouts fun, varied, and effective. They’ll mix things up with different exercises and equipment to keep you engaged and challenged.

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New members of our Pursuit family receive two complimentary training sessions, including a thorough assessment, a tailored workout plan, and a nutritional consultation.

Discover the range of training options at Pursuit Fitness and embark on an amazing health and wellness journey!

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