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Group Fitness

The Best Group Classes in Arlington!

Experience Energy Inspiration Connection Fun!

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Group Exercise

Boost Your Fitness at Arlington Gym

At our gym in Arlington, we provide a range of group fitness classes tailored for all ages and abilities.

From the tranquil strengthening of yoga, the dynamic dance moves of Zumba, and stamina-boosting cycling drills — to the gentle yet impactful workouts in our senior fitness programs — we have something for everyone.

And our trainers provide an energetic and exciting atmosphere that promotes fitness and fun!

Explore our group class schedule and find the perfect fit for your fitness journey.

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Pursuit Fitness provides services and amenities that boost overall wellness through consistent exercise, good nutrition, and mind/body rest and recovery.


Our gym in Arlington delivers tailored, results-driven fitness through personal training, nutritional consultation, and body composition testing.


Learn the essentials of consuming the right vitamins and minerals to fuel workouts, burn calories, and achieve optimal fitness.


Our Arlington health club promotes comprehensive well-being with services that foster balance, harmony, and mind/body health.