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Zumba & Dance

Energetic and Calorie-Burning

Dance Fitness!

Fun Fitness at Monroe Gym

The energetic pulse of Zumba turns exercise into an exhilarating adventure. Trust us, it feels more like a dance party than a traditional workout — combining aerobics and strength training in a lively blend!

Our instructors guide you through simple dance steps inspired by Latin beats such as salsa, merengue, and cha-cha. We cater to all ages and abilities, demonstrating modifications as needed to ensure everyone can join the fun.

zumba and dance classes with a bunch of women training in monroe gym
woman at dance class at monroe gym pursuit fitness health club

Zumba Group Fitness

Try It Now!

Who said workouts can’t be enjoyable? But don’t let the fun fool you; you’ll be actively jumping and dancing, ramping up your calorie burn. Prepare to break a sweat!

Step onto the floor, feel the rhythm and let’s dance together toward a healthier you. Try a Zumba class and start grooving your way to improved fitness.

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