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About Us

The Best Gym in Washington!

Introducing Pursuit Fitness, your go-to health club in Monroe! As proud members of the Monroe community, we provide state-of-the-art facilities with unmatched services and amenities for a comprehensive health and fitness experience.

A gym membership offers an all-access pass to cardio equipment, free weights, functional training areas, group exercise classes, and professional trainers. We also cater to your convenience and relaxation with onsite childcare and luxurious amenities such as hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, and hydromassage chairs.

Are you prepared to ignite your fitness journey? New members are welcomed with 2 FREE training sessions to help them hit the ground running. Take advantage of this offer now and take your fitness level up a notch!

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Mind and Body Fitness

Relaxing Amenities

Together with our cardio, strength, functional training, and group classes, our Monroe gym also features special amenities to help you relax and unwind.

After you’ve crushed your workout or just had one of those days, you can kick back in our sauna or steam room. The soothing warmth is great for easing those tight muscles and helping you totally relax. Our hot tubs are just the ticket for comforting your muscles and joints after you’ve given it your all in a training session.

And for a real treat, you’ve got to try our hydromassage beds! These amenities are an amazing combo of heat, floaty buoyancy, and massage that’ll leave you feeling chilled out and refreshed.

So, whether you’re looking to ease those aching muscles, de-stress, or just nab some “me time”, our relaxation amenities make our Monroe gym the ultimate place to refresh your mind and body.


Sauna & Steam Room
The comforting heat of a sauna and steam room aids in easing muscle stiffness, eliminating toxins, enhancing blood flow, and strengthening the immune system.
Hydromassage presents the dual perks of heat and pressure, supplying comfort for fatigued muscles and a deep sense of relaxation.
The elements of warmth, buoyancy, and massage deliver health benefits like muscle relaxation, enhanced blood flow, and stress relief.

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Achieve overall well-being through consistent exercise, nutritional guidance, and stress control.


Training offers structure and direction for outcome-oriented workouts at our Monroe health club.


Healthy eating supplies the body with crucial vitamins and minerals, fostering peak health and energy.


Our Monroe gym cultivates holistic health with services that encourage balance, harmony, and whole-body wellness.